sabato 8 febbraio 2014

Hipster Cecky


Title: Hipster Cecky

Starring: la Cecky

Featuring: il forno

Inspired by: Template Challenge

         @ the Lilypad


Hipster Holiday by Mommyish; My Cup of Tea: Patts and Backs by Allison Pennington; Away We Go by Little Butterfly Wings, Micheline Martin, and Allison Pennington; Snow Day by Amy Wolff; messy marvin vol. 3 by Amy Wolff; rack and ruin by Kaye Winiecki; My Cup of Tea Elements by Allison Pennington; Mash Up 6 by Gina Miller; Fonts: TheYoungAtHeart,Mathlete-Skinny,CenturyGothic

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